The societal structure has been built in a way that binds women and takes away their liberty. The expectation that women will have to compromise and take up domestic responsibilities puts them in a horrible position in marriage. Their monetary freedom is compromised when they get overburdened with domestic chores, which makes many of them feel trapped in unwanted circumstances. However, it seems like the world is slowly changing, with women prioritizing their freedom and breaking their shackles. In 2023, 46.8% of the labor force was made up of women, according to Labor Blog. It is giving women the flexibility to live as per their wishes. Similarly, u/Ezypeezylemonsqueezy is happy about this changing trend and openly discusses it.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Joshua Abner
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Joshua Abner

The woman begins by sharing about her current state. She is a working woman in her 40s who is going through a divorce. Even though her relationship breaking down must be causing her a lot of hurts, she is looking at the positive side of things. The fact that she is in a position to make a choice and is not being forced to suffer through a fractured relationship makes her feel lucky. The woman found this new perspective thanks to her job, which puts her in touch with many women her age going through the same circumstances.

The woman does not clearly state her job but describes it as a position where she interacts with many people over 30 who share their “intimate” details. This conversation revealed to her that there are a staggering number of women leaving their marriages and husbands to seek a better life for themselves. It was not the case some decades ago and has only become possible because of women prioritizing themselves, even after the undue pressure of society.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Daniel Reche
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Daniel Reche

The job is not associated with anything medical, so there is no issue of privacy. The calls are recorded and both parties are aware of it. Often, when the user finds a woman of her age in a similar situation, she strikes up a conversation. The conversation enlightens her about a lot of things. Since both parties are in the same position, they check notes with each other, and the realization that they have the privilege to fight for their happiness is a source of joy for them.

It is not easy to be a woman in the world to go through life. They will need comrades and for those 20 minutes on call, they are companions for each other. They understand each other but most importantly, recognize their privilege. The calls infuse the woman with gratitude that so many women now are reclaiming their lives, which their mothers and grandmothers couldn’t do. It encourages them to fight for her happiness. She writes, “I never would have known this person I am today if I didn’t have the courage and means to leave. It’s awful so many women can’t leave because of money.”

Image Source: Reddit/u/Pour_Me_Another_
Image Source: Reddit | u/Pour_Me_Another_


Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by u/EsmeSalinger
Image Source: Reddit | u/EsmeSalinger

The fact that women are no longer forced to be unhappy is welcome news for the user and she shares that with people on Reddit. The comment section felt her joy and shared their own experiences. Reddit user u/Kot_Leopold_Ya was also happy seeing such a shift in position for women, “I am very happy for us women! I would be even happier if men put a mirror up and reflected on this, but all I’m seeing so far is them dating creepily younger women who haven’t learned the lesson yet.” u/drivergrrl shared how she feels liberated because of monetary freedom, “I (44f) have had 2 live-in, long-term engagements but thankfully escaped both. I always made more money and of course did all the housework/cooking/emotional labor. I truly do not understand why any women even bother with men anymore.”


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