Learning about finance on your own is an easy way to save money hiring professionals and opens up new professional doors for yourself

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With an average salary of around $65 thousand annually, accountants in Canada have long made a living on the lack of expert finance knowledge the majority of us have. If you’re like most taxpayers, you’ve never even tried to look at the complex and overwhelming tax codes that determine how much each of us pay each year. Yet, when you hear about more prosperous individuals and companies scoring better deals than everyday working folks, it’s tough not to wonder why.

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The internet is a simple place to start.

To help ensure you’re saving, spending, investing and paying taxes in the ways that are most beneficial to your bottom line, you have to learn something about financing and accounting. Unfortunately, these topics can seem overwhelming, which is why most taxpayers stop here. The truth is, learning about accounting has never been more accessible than it is today.

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From YouTube to articles on websites like the Financial Post — the internet is riddled with financial reporting, analysis, philosophy and more. There’s so much to delve into, and whether you’re interested in classic saving or new age cryptocurrencies, there are great lessons online to source intelligence. But, how do you discern what content is quality from what’s misleading? Well, that’s tough. But, getting a solid foundation with a credible educational source that won’t ask for years of your life or too much for tuition would undoubtedly help.

Build your financial foundation with content from trusted sources

An example of such a resource is the Learn Financing & Accounting Bundle, which is currently $37.99. It has seven courses on budgeting, cost management, financial statements, decision analysis, and so much more. The e-books are rated as high as five out of five stars and taught by EduOlc, which enlists expert instructors to provide world-class training content.

Prices subject to change. 

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