United Investors Group International is Helping Others Find Financial Freedom

Ever since crypto was introduced to the financial market, it has been growing consistently to emerge as a lucrative investment channel. Despite the growth and wealth of opportunity, only a small percentage of investors are exploring the field. For the rest, crypto is still a massive speculative bubble. This is due, in part, to some investors being hesitant to venture into an unfamiliar space. The economy has been an unpredictable force, and many fear losing their hard-earned money. This is precisely where United Investors Group International (UIGI) steps in. Their mission is to help anyone find financial freedom through crypto. UIGI is not a hedge fund or a financial advisory company. It’s a social club of thousands of average, everyday people supporting each other to unlock financial freedom through crypto.

UIGI is a supportive organization with a unified front where members work collaboratively to reach their financial goals. The organization follows a central goal: to make everyone they work with financially independent. This group-centric approach sets up all members for success.

One of the central hubs of UIGI is its Facebook group. This is where over 51 thousand members come together to share ideas, successes, and suggestions to empower the group overall. To ensure the validity of the group, UIGI has a board of 15 members who ensure no fake information or untrustworthy opportunities are displayed. They supervise every post on the group, and if any misleading information is detected, that member is kicked out instantly. This prompt action and round-the-clock supervision have preserved the trustworthiness of the club.

Rabu Gary, the top administrator and group leader, is on a mission to help any person he comes across find financial freedom. For him, financial freedom is more than just making passive income through investment. According to Gary, a person can accomplish their financial goals only when they start saving money, invest it wisely, and get out of debt. This is where Rabu Gary’s proven 1/3 rule comes to play a crucial role. He believes that a person should not invest money out of his savings. The free or extra money left after savings can be invested in various spaces. This way, the person will be at a lower or no risk of losing money that he cannot afford to.

The 1/3 rule is a simple method of splitting the principal amount into three equal parts to invest in three directions.

  1. A part of investment goes to settle any existing debt.
  2. A part of it should be reinvested into passive income streams.
  3. Split the remaining part into two halves. Use the first half to pay taxes and the second half to have fun. Through this 1/3 rule, UIGI members from any socio-economic background can eventually find financial freedom.

Achieving financial freedom through investing can be scary, which is why reliability and trust are so important. Building trust amongst members has always been a priority for UIGI, which is why the board vets every investment platform before suggesting it to members. From verifying the credentials to in-depth meetings, UIGI leaves no stone unturned to ensure the members put their money in safe hands.

UIGI is a platform for anyone looking to invest and grow money. From $10 to millions, there is no bar on investment. The club helps everyone learn about opportunities and grow with crypto. There is no product or services that are being sold, only authentic information about crypto, connecting people for mutual benefits. Cryptocurrency is quickly taking its spot in the financial world, and UIGI is one of the places where it can thrive.




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