Turmoil in Ukraine is scary, but stay calm and double check your financial plan

Few things can roil the financial system like global politics. 

Russia’s invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine shook markets around the world. And with good reason – it represents the most significant military movement in Eastern Europe since 1939. Investors are still trying to digest the impact of the invasion, and the long-term implications are anyone’s guess.

Energy prices were among the first to respond. Since Russia is a leading exporter of oil and natural gas, fears of a supply disruption sent prices soaring. The beginning of March saw crude hit $115 a barrel in the global markets and $112 a barrel here in the United States – the highest price since 2008. Grain prices jumped to their highest point since 2008. And the major indexes accelerated their ongoing drop with the Nasdaq coming close to a 20% dip that would have moved it into “bear” territory.

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