The City of Parksville’s 2024-2028 financial plan process is now well underway with meetings held on Nov. 27 and Dec. 11, open to public comment.

A series of meetings have now been scheduled for January to April of 2024, with opportunities for public input at Committee of the Whole and Special Council meetings, according to a news release by the city.

To continue the discussion on the 2024-2028 financial plan, open meetings are scheduled as follows:


Jan. 15 – Regular Council Meeting (1 p.m.) Water and Sewer Funds, operating and capital;

Jan. 24 – Committee of the Whole (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.) General Fund, operating and capital;

Jan. 29 – Special Council Meeting (9 a.m. to noon) Motions from previous financial plan meetings;


Feb. 12 – Special Council Meeting (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.) Preliminary property tax and utility rates;

Feb. 21 – Regular Council Meeting (1 p.m.) Three readings 2024-2028 Provisional Financial Plan Bylaw;


March 4 – Regular Council Meeting (1 p.m.) Adoption of 2024-2028 Provisional Financial Plan Bylaw;


April 8 – Committee of the Whole (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.) New information, carry forwards, final property tax rates;

April 22 – Special Council Meeting (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.) Three readings of 2024-2028 Amended Financial Plan and 2024 property tax rates.

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The financial plan outlines how resources will be allocated to achieve Council’s identified strategic goals and enable delivery of services to residents for the next five years in a fiscally responsible manner.

Public input is encouraged as an important part of our financial planning process. The financial plan sets out the services, strategic initiatives, and capital projects for the next five years and identifies how the City will pay for them.

“We endeavour to maintain quality programs and services for our residents and keep property taxes and utility fees affordable,” the release said.

Here are the ways residents may engage in the financial planning process:

• Attend meetings in person. Meetings are held in the Forum, 100 Jensen Ave East;

• Submit comments by email to [email protected]. Residents wishing comments to be considered by council prior to the meetings, should be received by 4 p.m. on the working day before the meeting;

• Meetings may be viewed live and archived through webstreaming from the city’s website;

• Comments, questions, and ideas may be posted to the city’s online engagement site, Let’s Talk Parksville;

• All comments about the financial plan received by the city will form part of the public record.

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the City’s financial planning process, previous years’ plans and presentations may be viewed on Let’s Talk Parksville and on the city’s website.

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