Pello Capital, a fintech investment company, has announced the launch of the ‘Oratio Project’, a tech-led charity campaign that aims to help combat and reverse homelessness in the UK.

The unique initiative will offer homeless individuals access to contactless NFC cards to help them raise donations and spend vouchers at accredited Oratio vendors, along with a ‘digital PO box’ temporary address in shelters to help them apply for ID and more traditional banking solutions.

The project aims to address some of the fundamental problems caused by being homeless in the UK and help and empower individuals to take control of their future by giving them access to some of the core requirements to break the cycle of homelessness.

Having access to a contactless payment solution and a temporary address will help individuals to collect financial donations, acquire a widely recognised ID, source a bank account, and potentially start applying for job opportunities.

More than 11,000 people sleep on the streets of London every year and Oratio is committed to deploying 10,000 Oratio cards throughout the duration of the programme, with a pilot scheme launching in Q2 2022.

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The project is one of a number of initiatives that Pello Capital is planning to support in 2022. The firm has recently worked with Goodbox, the one-stop shop for digital fundraising, on a number of fundraising campaigns supporting UN Women and The Felix Project, and is planning multiple projects throughout the year to help raise vital funds for UK charities and support communities.

Daniel Gee, MD at Pello Capital, said, “Along with intelligent and transparent investment solutions, community is at the core of Pello Capital and I am so proud and delighted to be able to announce the Oratio Project. The team has worked hard on offering a solution that we believe can truly help reverse homelessness in the UK.

“Our creative and leading tech solutions have always been an integral part of the business and it was, therefore, a natural fit for us to source unique tech offerings to find a way to help fix the barriers and issues homeless individuals face in the UK.”

According to the company’s own description, Pello Capital started as an ideal, its founders noting the absence of a fintech brand that championed consumer outcomes and engagement whilst still offering the efficiency and experience of a tech company and services of a traditional brokerage. Pello Capital was launched in 2017 with this goal as the foundation of the business.

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