As 2024 begins and temperatures on Wall Street plummet, allow Financial Planning to transport you back to warmer days and one of the hottest wealth management events of 2023.

Financial Planning is taking a special look back at the Future Proof Festival, a one-of-a-kind industry gathering that attracted nearly 3,000 financial advisors, wealth management executives, fintech leaders, emerging startups, rap icons and more to Huntington Beach, California, during the second week of September.

Our walk down memory lane is a series of exclusive interviews with insiders and newsmakers conducted by Financial Planning Wealthtech Reporter Justin L. Mack, who also served as a panel moderator during the event.

In this clip, Mack chats with Danielle White, CEO of Waukee, Iowa-based Myriad Advisor Solutions, a business consulting firm for independent financial advisors.  

“We’re that one-stop-shop solution. We do a myriad of things,” White said. “And we’re here to help support anything on the business side — IT, HR, marketing — to help advisors work on their business, instead of in their business.”

“These are not individuals who have a ton of time …  to make the right choice, make sense of it all and not have any kind of buyer’s remorse,” Mack said.

So what are the pain points Myriad is trying to ease for financial advisors? 

“It’s the simplification of the tech stack, really downstreaming all the knowledge, all the research, all the connections that we make and simplifying it for them,” White said. “Just because names are big in this industry doesn’t mean they’re the best fit. So what we try and do is, almost like a matchmaker solution, give them the best possible approach for what they’re trying to accomplish.

“We’re here to help with that holistic approach and ensure that they’re getting the best foot forward in all aspects.”

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White said one of her goals at Future Proof was to make connections and meet potential new partners. “We’re looking to connect, really get that face-to-face time. Always looking for new partners — who’s out there, who’s making a splash in the industry.” 

The venue had exceeded her expectations, she said — including witnessing an unexpected but memorable dancing flash mob form at the festival. But all the fun was a backdrop to serious business goals, and White found Future Proof’s new 15-minute “breakthrough” meeting structure useful. 

“The ‘speed-dating’ setup is actually pretty epic,” she said. “We’ve already seen at least five to six new groups out here that we’ve never heard of.” 

Check out the full interview with White below.

Future Proof, an event billed as the first wealth festival, is making its return next summer and dates for Future Proof 2024 have already been announced. The event is slated to return to Huntington Beach Sept. 15-18, 2024.

Future Proof is also expanding in the new year with the addition of Future Proof Retreat, an additional event for wealth management leaders that will take place March 24-27 in Colorado Springs. 

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