When we hear the word “beautiful” our brains and minds go straight to something beautiful. Because beauty is always synonymous with women, and beautiful women tend to be seen in terms of a face full of makeup. The ideal body, as well as an attractive appearance with loose hair. Hijab For you hijab ladies, you don’t have to worry about people’s perspective on you and your hijab, because actually beauty is not situs slot gacor only physical but comes from the heart.

Beauty in Islam is not always about appearance but how do we keep ourselves as good Muslim women. Always maintain the morals and honor of a woman, beautiful character and speech. Unisma So that the beauty in you is what makes you a truly beautiful woman. Even when the body is stretched out stiff, without breath, without energy and without feeling, you can still smile happily with sweetness. Like the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad narrated by Muslim which reads “The world is jewelry and the best jewelry in the world is a pious woman”.

From the hadith above, it is very clear that the beauty of a woman radiates from the heart through good morals. Until the hijab has no gaps at all to cover your beauty, it is the hijab that always makes you a perfect woman. In addition, do not forget to always perform ablution even though it is not time for worship. Hijab Because after ablution, your face feels radiant when viewed by others, don’t forget to spread a smile to others. And always keep in touch with family, so that the bonds of brotherhood are maintained. From there it is very clear that your hijab will not reduce your beauty. Because the hijab will always lead you to be better in the world to the hereafter.

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