Published July 7, 2023

The newly released book titled “Why Black Wealth Matters in White America – Turning Black Spending Power into Generational Wealth” pulls back the curtain on what perpetuates generational wealth within America to reveal the wealth codes that have created a “rich getting richer” economic imbalance. Authored by wealth management expert Solomon RC Ali, founding CEO of Solomon RC Ali Corporation, the book is intended to help gig workers from any ethnic background build a robust generational wealth plan by adjusting their perspective on money.

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Ali is well-known for saying wealth building is “simple, but not easy.” Certainly, the rules surrounding tax breaks, 401(k)s, and other vehicles that seem to favor a select few can make building generational wealth feel unattainable by professionals who’ve eschewed salaried positions to specialize as gig/contract employees. In his newly released book, Ali cracks the code on established wealth privilege to expose the multiplier factor and show every individual they can achieve financial freedom by viewing money as a tool and not a barrier.

“When you picture a wealthy American, do you picture a white man?” asks Ali. “For most non-privileged Americans, it can feel like the cards are stacked against them, but whether your challenges are systemic, situational, or self-imposed, the rules of “the money game” are here for you too. You just need to learn them.”

Ali’s book breaks generational wealth building into three key areas: The Wealth Code, Money Rules, and how to Play the Game. As an expert in advising companies across America in matters concerning M&A, financing, negotiations, and growth-oriented marketing strategies, Ali outlines the keys to personal financial wellness.

From changing his readers’ perspectives on how they think about money, to his proprietary formula, the “Probability of Safe Returns,” to the idea that every dollar is a “worker,” professionals who are part of the gig economy will discover specific and essential wealth-building ideas.

While the book was originally written to help Black Americans, anyone interested in the root causes of money insecurity and how to overcome disparities will find the answers to these and other questions so they can halt generational struggles to begin building familial prosperity.

A regular guest on news programs that include ABC and The Wharton Business Daily, Ali shares the tips, insights, and fundamentals today’s gig workers can draw from now to create tomorrow’s intergenerational wealth.

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