Independence Day 2023 is an ideal time to figure out various investment options to achieve financial freedom. The pursuit of financial independence has now taken on an entirely novel aspect. In an era full of possibilities as well as difficulties, being financially independent is now even more essential. “From digital currencies to crowdfunding along with real estate syndication. The equity paradigm permits you to construct your own route toward financial freedom,” Ravi Singhal, CEO, of GCL Broking said.

Here are five ways to achieve financial freedom as suggested by market experts

1)Allocating capital to firms that share your principles can provide financial gains while also promoting good change. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have risen to the top of the priority list, enabling individuals to help make a difference while also safeguarding their financial well-being, said Amit Gupta, MD, SAG Infotech

2)Digital payment systems, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as mobile wallets are reshaping the way people think about simplicity, safety, and managing their money. “Adopting such tools simplifies budgeting, and improves accountability for finances, and fits perfectly into the frantic digital economy,” said Gupta.

3) Aman Gupta, Director, RPS Group is of the opinion that investment in estates serves as an intriguing road to financial independence amid a day and age wherein real estate increasingly transcends brick and mortar. The marketplace for real estate offers a variety of options to produce passive earnings, ranging from conventional rental homes up to the revolutionary realm of Airbnb renting. Crowdfunding networks as well as REITs, which are real estate investment trusts, make real estate accessible to investors of any kind, democratising the sport of investing.

4) Ravi Singhal, CEO, of GCL Broking said equity has developed as a tempting route towards financial autonomy, in both regards to investment as well as ownership. Equities, especially the shape of stocks, continue to be a reliable avenue for the accumulation of wealth. 

5) The most recent twist is the ease of getting into global markets via Internet platform trading. “Diversifying portfolios using overseas equities,  ETFs and smallholdings opens up an infinite number of financial opportunities for individuals,” said Singhal

Experts advised investors to take advantage of the exciting possibilities that come from the digital era and move through the equity environment with savvy methods that correspond with their own personal aims and desires.

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Updated: 16 Aug 2023, 06:59 AM IST


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