Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), the standards-setting body for the global financial planning profession and owner of the international certified financial planner  certification program, today  (19 May) announced that founder CEO Noel Maye will step down from his leadership role of the organization, effective 31 December 2022.

It said Maye has led the organisation since it was established in December 2004 and further highlighted key achievements during his tenure.  

Grown the organization’s geographical reach from 17 territories to programs in 27 territories, with discussions ongoing in several more territories;

Doubled the number of CFP professionals worldwide from 89,690 (YE’04) to 203,312 (YE’21);

Increased the number of CFP professionals worldwide ten-fold since 1990, when CFP certification first went international, from 20,353 to 203,312;

Developed global financial planning competency, ethics and practice standards and certification requirements, including creating the first Global Financial Planner Competency Profile;

Published global position papers and practice guidance notes including: Regulation and Oversight of the Financial Planning Profession (2010); Fintech and the Future of Financial Planning (2016); Consumer Protection and Investment Advisor, Financial Advisor and Financial Planner Competency and Oversight in Europe (2018); and Advising Vulnerable Clients (2019);

Joined, in 2012, the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) to represent the voice of the financial planning community during global regulatory policy discussions;

Joined, in 2015, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s International Network on Financial Education to promote inclusion of financial planning in global literacy efforts;

Conducted global research and promoted findings on: firms’ perspectives on CFP certification and hiring CFP professionals (2012); consumer attitudes towards financial planning (2015); and the current and future practice of financial planning (2016, 2021);

Launched, in 2017, World Financial Planning Day during IOSCO’s World Investor Week to promote the value of financial planning and working with CFP professionals; and

Submitted responses on behalf of the public and global CFP professional community to consultations from IOSCO, OECD, European Commission and European Supervisory Authorities on matters relating to regulation of financial advice, investor protection and financial literacy.

FPSB CEO Noel Maye said: “It’s been my privilege to have served the international CFP certification program, global financial planning profession and FPSB for two decades.

“I’m humbled by what the FPSB team, FPSB Network and global CFP professional community have collectively achieved on behalf of the public and the profession. 

“The time is right for me to step back, support the transition to FPSB’s next CEO, and cheer on the FPSB board, team and global financial planning community to new heights.” 

FPSB Board Chairperson, Garry Muriwai, extended his thanks to Noel for his drive and passion for the FPSB mission and vision.

“FPSB has achieved a lot and substantially raised the global profile of financial planning and CFP certification under Noel’s leadership. The FPSB Board and I are grateful for his contribution and leadership and appreciate his commitment to supporting an orderly transition to a new CEO later this year,” he said.

The FPSB Board of Directors has begun working with the FPSB leadership team and an external consultant on the CEO transition process. 

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