Effective Client Communication Uses Your Own Processes for Success

In a 2019 survey, 85% of respondents said they would consider a financial advisor’s communication style when deciding whether to retain their services or not. What client communication tools for financial advisors can you utilize to develop your relationships further and provide continued value throughout all stages of the customer lifecycle?

Think of Your Client Communication Tools as a Digital Assistant

There are various tools that are essential to digital marketing for financial advisors, including instant messaging apps, project management software, video conference systems, document storage solutions, calendar schedulers, social media integrations, and a CRM, just to name a few.

Client communication tools for financial advisors can organize your calendar, monitor clients through every stage of the buyer’s journey, and attract new prospects. Before implementing any new tools, be sure to get marketing compliance approval.

Assign Your Tasks Effectively

Having a collection of client communication tools for financial advisors can streamline your processes to better serve your clients and, in turn, grow your business.

Marketing strategies for financial advisors include assigning and scheduling automated content like lead nurturing emails that a lead or client triggers in the CRM with their online behavior. All of your content, including anything published on social media, should be approved by marketing compliance.

Building Out Your CRM

Your CRM, or Customer Relationship Management system, is your online database of clients. This is where you store all their information, notes from meetings, the buyer’s journey stage, etc.

Unfortunately, most wealth managers aren’t marketers, so they’re probably not taking advantage of all the benefits and features of their CRM.

For advisors to succeed, they need to reach new prospects and leads to expand their client base, so optimizing the CRM is the first step to growing and scaling marketing strategies for financial advisors.

Schedule automated workflows that will constantly be working behind the scenes to keep your prospects, leads, and clients engaged with your firm and the content you produce. It has the capacity to track all activities, so utilize your CRM to maintain contracts, files, notes, call logs, etc.

Documenting the interactions between advisors and clients in your CRM ensures that anyone in your firm can pick up the phone and confidently call a client in your database because the advisor will have all of the relevant information right in front of them to reference.

Reporting is Your Secret Weapon

The best marketing strategies for financial advisors include detailed tracking and reporting metrics.

Digital marketing for financial advisors has redefined how wealth managers communicate and work with their clients. We have the capabilities to follow a user’s behavior and see how they interact with our content and marketing efforts, then analyze that data to make smart business decisions.

Using a Scheduling App to Optimize Your Day

Scheduling meetings takes up valuable time throughout your day that could be better spent.

Stop playing phone tag and invest in a calendar app that makes it easy for your clients to book appointments directly. Set daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reminders for yourself, so nothing falls through the cracks again.

Making Sure Your Tools Work Together

Client communication tools for financial advisors should always put the user experience first. Make sure any systems or processes you implement come with a smooth transition and easy-to-use features your clients wont struggle to access. Integration is key. If you have a dozen different tools that don’t work together toward a common goal, you will never get complete buy-in from your clients.

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