The Muir Investment team of Raymond James, tailor their advice and options to provide a holistic approach to wealth management

There are myriad ways of measuring success, and excellence, in business.

For Burnaby’s Muir Investment Team of Raymond James, the key to their experienced and trusted operation is simple – building a meaningful relationship with each client.

This involves delving deeper beyond the surface, where their team of seasoned portfolio managers, experienced certified financial planners, and dedicated support staff gain a profound understanding of your unique circumstances, needs, goals, and aspirations. They then craft personalized wealth management strategies, considering the ever-changing financial landscape of retirement income and estate planning.

“Each of our clients is unique. When we bring on a new client we delve in deep  to understand their entire story. This is because we believe the best financial strategies are customized to each client’s path and destination. As we’ve worked with clients for decades, they have become part of the family. We have been able to work with their children in helping them on their journey too. These deep relationships are what allows us to do what we do best for each of our clients and their families,” says Derek Lacroix, BBA, CFP, CIM, Associate Portfolio Manager, Muir Investment Team.

Getting to know you, the client, may sound pretty fundamental for any investment manager. But it’s at the very core of the Muir Investment Team’s commitment and philosophy of providing the highest levels of service. The more their staff can see and understand you and your whole picture, the better they can work towards achieving your financial goals.

Think of it as a holistic approach, one that operates with a unified, collective vision.

It’s a client-centric philosophy that transcends merely capitalizing on the ability to wisely manage and grow your investments. It also involves you, as the client, to help make those decisions that lay down the roadmap to your retirement and the achievements and goals you want to attain at points along your journey through life.

And, that allows the financial team to customize their approach to growing your assets, all the while making sure your individualized game plan can be flexible and responsive to whatever changes arise, whether they come from a shift in a client’s emphasis, the ever-changing world of finance, and other outside forces.

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The impacts to our society in all sectors during the past few years, and the fallout that continues to the present day, has dramatically shown us all that the innate ability to alter and adapt can be key to weathering and navigating whatever economic winds rise and fall.

To achieve that flexibility the Muir Investment Team has assembled a well-rounded group of wealth management professionals who possess among them a diverse set of skills that, when combined with their client-focused commitment, results in financial guidance that is uniquely tailored to each individual placed under their care.

Another facet in this effective, client-centric approach is the establishment of clear collaboration and communication among the team members, and their customers, to provide comprehensive financial guidance along a personalized route to a financially secure retirement today, and a prosperous tomorrow and beyond, so you can live for the current moments, and also have the confidence and satisfaction of leaving a lasting legacy.

All of this is designed to exceed their customers’ expectations, something the Muir Investment Team’s long track record of serving their clients has borne out by managing your investments, minimizing risks and optimizing tax efficiency.

The result is a heightened level of client engagement and overall satisfaction.

“We are committed to providing ongoing financial guidance in step with your life,” says Lacroix.

Now, that sounds like a solid basis of success, and excellence, in business – a winning scenario for all involved by maximizing after-tax income through meticulous planning, and portfolio management.

When it comes to portfolio management, the team provides long-term asset management services that prioritize risk management and consistent returns. In this approach, clients define objectives and strategy, while their portfolio manager ensures strategy execution aligns with risk tolerance and the client’s investment timeline.

“We believe in managing the assets of our clients using a patient, long-term perspective focused on managing risk, pursuing consistent returns and avoiding trendy investment products,” Lacroix adds.

The Muir Investment Team at Raymond James delivers, by exceeding expectations and providing concrete value to their clients.

To help them get to know you better and lay down a personalized path to success, you can visit their website,




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