Not everyone is good with budgeting, knowing expenses, and saving. But in fact, everyone should know and learn how to handle their money. Knowing how to make effective decisions when it comes to money gives you financial freedom from debts, credit cards and loans, and will also create more room for you to do things you so long wished for like for instance traveling or upgrading your car. On that matter, we bring you four books that will help you manage money better.


The Psychology of Money

By Morgan Housel

In this book, Morgan Housel narrates stories that demonstrate how people think about money and the financial decisions they make. The book gives you access to financial freedom and helps you build smarter financial habits by translating complex concepts about money into easier-to-digest ideas. The book shares insights into understanding why we make bad financial decisions and how to make better ones.


Happy Money

By Ken Honda

This book will teach you how to make peace with your money and financial status. Happy Money will reinvent the way you see your financial status. Through the Japanese Zen approach, you will rethink your attitude and examine how your beliefs towards money were shaped. Eventually, this will rid you of the fear and anxiety you have about money and help you achieve peace and prosperity.


Money Master The Game

By Tony Robbins

Built on one-on-one interviews with renowned financial experts and extensive research, this book provides a 7-step guide to securing financial freedom. It also contains expert advice applicable to readers with every income level and helps you create a lifetime income plan. In this book, Robbins has successfully dispelled financial myths that stand in the way of people’s financial goals.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Through his book, Robert narrates his story of growing up with two dads, his real father, and his best friend’s father, the rich dad, and explains how both of them shaped his thoughts about money and investing. The book debunks the myth that you can only become rich if you earn a high income. Robert also explains how the lessons that were learned and challenged two decades ago are now more relevant.


I Will Teach You To Be Rich

By Remit Sethi

Written by Remit Sethi who has been described by Forbes as a ‘Wealth Wizard’, this book provides new tools and insights on money and psychology. It is a 6-week program that will help eliminate your debts, effectively manage your finances, and save better.


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