3 Tips To Achieve Personal Wealth From The Money Queen Amanda Frances

  • Amanda Frances used her life experience to grow her multimillion-dollar business from nothing.
  • Improving your mindset increases your probability of financial success.
  • Amanda believes that people can position themselves for greater financial ease by shifting their perceptions of money.
  • Believe you’re worthy of wealth and show up with that attitude.
  • Expect to be the exception. Just because other people struggle with money doesn’t mean you have to.

From being a barista, working as an inner-city school therapist and changing diapers as a nanny, Amanda Frances has done it all.

Now, she’s the founder and CEO of a multimillion-dollar business she built from nothing.

Nearly every person she talked to as a therapist and life coach had issues surrounding one thing: money. So Amanda made it her mission to not only build the life she wanted for herself but to help others gain financial independence.

Amanda believes that everyone can achieve financial freedom by having the right mindset and putting in the work. Here are her three tips to gain personal wealth:

1 . Rework your money mindset.

We all interact with money all day long—any time we check a bank balance, get a bill or buy something. And those experiences bring up emotions that reflect our money mindset. Most people feel stress and anxiety and feel like there’s never enough money. But Amanda says you’ll always be playing catch up as long as you think that way. Working toward financial freedom requires changing your money mindset from scarcity to abundance and believing that there is enough money to reach your dreams.

To change your money mindset, you have to understand your current status. Amanda recommends observing all of your money interactions and how they make you feel. Then imagine how you want to feel and practice that mindset every time you interact with money. Instead of feeling dread about paying the power bill, Amanda changed her mindset to feel gratitude for the electricity she’s paying for. Interacting with money from a happy, appreciative state changes the attitude and creates a positive connection in every interaction.

2 . Believe you’re worthy and show up every day.

To achieve personal wealth, you have to know it’s possible. Amanda says that if she didn’t believe success was possible, she wouldn’t have been able to make any of the moves that made her and her business what it is today. Don’t settle for mediocrity—push yourself towards your goals. Know it’s possible and let that mindset influence your actions and attitude daily.

When you know personal wealth is possible, you show up every day with the attitude that you’re worthy. Amanda also says that’s the best way to get a raise. Knowing that you’re worthy of being compensated well for your work comes through in everything you do—the projects you take on, your attitude towards your boss and co-workers and the effort you put in. You can’t walk around thinking you’re inferior and wonder why you aren’t paid well. That’s especially true for women, who often have to fight harder to be paid well. Amanda says our attitude at our jobs is what we expect in our lives. When people change how they view their job and believe they are worthy of earning more, they show up differently. And that ultimately leads to them making more money and gaining financial freedom.

3 . Expect to be the exception.

Women often have to walk the line between coming across as too bold or being too timid. But Amanda believes she can be an exception to the rule and that it doesn’t have to be that way for her. The same principle applies to everything from running a business to interacting with customers and managing your money. Don’t assume you’re going to have a negative situation because that’s how it’s always been for other people. You don’t have to be timid with money or limit your earnings because that’s how it’s always been done.

Amanda’s partner owns a construction company. Late payments and shady deals are the norm, but she taught him to expect to be the exception. Just because it’s the industry standard doesn’t mean it has to be your situation. Take control and do things on your own terms to be the exception to the rule.

Personal wealth and financial freedom is possible. As Amanda Frances shows, it doesn’t happen overnight. But by changing your mindset and putting in the work, you can set the stage to meet and exceed your financial goals.

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