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The SALERS ASSOCIATION (Association for the promotion and expansion of the Salers breed) involves French breeders registered with the Herd Book.
The SALERS ASSOCIATION provides the top of Salers genetics for export:
breeding stock, semen, embryos.

Photo the Salers race
With unequalled easy calving plus milk,
the Salers breed is the perfect suckler cow. 

Map: the Salers breed spred over the world

Founded in 1975 by a group of Salers breeders dedicated to genetic selection, the SALERS ASSOCIATION has helped the Salers breed spread over the world: Europe, North America and Oceania.

Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and Lithuania), South America and Asia (China) are recent destinations.


Photo Salers X Hereford
Salers X Hereford

With its knowledge of genetics and blood lines, the SALERS ASSOCIATION can advise on the different uses on other breeds.

The Salers Association is the specialist in Salers breed. It will help you to choose the best genetic materiel for your particular needs.