Is Coconut Oil Has Many Benefits and Become The Most Nutritious Food?

There are many myths associated with nutrients. Such as coconut oils that have many benefits or the importance of breakfast. AreĀ these myths really true?

Getting information about healthy eating is now very easy. But not all of them based on real evidence. Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, R.D., of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, for example, have patients who want to improve their health but receivedĀ a misinformation on the internet. Therefore, she tried to dismiss five popular myths as summarized by

1. Eat a lot of protein to lose weight

Kristin lot to give the dietary patterns in patients with excessive fat and moderate protein. Low intake of healthy carbohydrates at the same time. However, most patients just want just to eat protein. For example, beef, chicken, and whey protein, carbohydrates and consuming resources at all.

According to Kristin, a diet with lots of animal consumption could trigger a bigger problem. Such as increased risk of death and cancer. The experts also have questioned the sustainability of a high-protein diet.

Kristin said protein consumption does have benefits for weight loss. But balance it with other macronutrients. Consider also the consumption of protein derived from plants and fish.

2. If you want to eat the whole food nutrients, you should eat raw

Raw food diet (raw food) has many followers today. But raw foods such as vegetables are not always the best to get the disease-fighting ability of the food.

In fact, some foods are better absorbed when steamed (eg broccoli) or cooked (such as tomatoes). The raw food is mostly good, but sometimes you need to cultivate to allow beneficial compounds appear.

3. Coconut oil is a miraculous food

Many people like the coconut oil and touting its health effects. However, human studies on this are lacking.

Kristin did not advise you to avoid the consumption of coconut oil. But he does not advocate entering palm oil in all the food because it does not help prolong life. On the other hand, research on the benefits of olive oil, nuts, seeds and fatty fish have been found.

4. It is important to detox at least once a month

Humans are born with the liver (liver) as an organ of detoxification. Liver-preferred nutrient-dense foods, avoid sugar and a healthy weight. If you treat liver well, this will detoxify properly. Without the need to eat something that is considered miraculous to “cleanse” the body.

5. Breakfast is becoming the most important meal of the day

Indeed, there is substantial evidence to say breakfast helps children do better in school. But for most adults, these arguments seem weak, said Kristin.

Review research calling breakfast as the most important meal of the day is not as hard as people think. Most of the studies were funded by those who benefited from the breakfast habits of the “traditional”.

Instead, Kristin told patients to eat when hungry. They also need to focus more on the quality of food than eating time.

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