4 Healthy Tea That Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss can also be assisted with tea consumption. Some species may control appetite and reduce the consumption of high-calorie drinks.

Since a long time, green tea is believed to help the diet. In addition to green tea, other tea said to have good benefits for weight loss. Care2.com (11/4) summarizes four kinds of healthy tea that help you lose weight.

1. Rooibos Tea

This herbal tea made from a plant native South Africa. Tea has been shown to strengthen the immune system and accelerate weight loss. Rooibos tea also contains aspalathus, flavonoids that can reduce stress.

Within tea, there is also an antioxidant and minerals that help maintain health. When you do not like caffeine, rooibos tea can be the right choice because it is naturally decaffeinated.

2. Green tea

Green tea comes from the same plant with white tea, black and oolong. But this type offers different benefits because of the unique way the process. Various studies have shown that green tea can boost metabolism and lead to fat loss. Most of the benefits of green tea is associated with caffeine and antioxidants called catechins.

According to one study, participants who consumed 690 mg of catechins per day (about 4-5 cups of green tea) for 12 weeks, lose their weight of about 1 kg more than that the ones who did not receive the intake of catechins.

3. Oolong tea

Oolong tea can help people lose weight and keep it off. It can increase metabolism and counteract the excess calories from being stored as fat. In one study, participants were taking oolong tea for six weeks and weighing down nearly 3 kg. Replacing soda and fruit juice packaging with oolong tea will facilitate to achieve ideal body weight.

4. White tea

White tea has been shown to increase metabolism and blocking the formation of new fat cells. A study found that white tea consumption can help break down fat cells in the body. In another study, participants’ waist circumference was reduced by 10 percent after drinking white tea every day for 12 weeks.

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